April 2018 Numerology Advice By Zodiac sign: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo.

ARIES April 2018 Numerology Advice You are struggling to get what you want from your loved one.

In fact relationships of all kinds, particularly with women, may be a source of difficulty right now. The trouble is that you or your loved one are expecting too much.

Do not have any doubt about the feelings of your partner, the lack of communication is making you doubt even your own.

If you do not have it, you will not even want to think about it, although adventures will not be lacking and you will live it with great intensity and passion.

TAURUS April 2018 Numerology Advice Your relationships with authority are good and your work speak for itself.

You are calm, feel good and don't have to make any special effort to prove yourself.  You may be granted a favor if you ask it.
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo April 2018 Numerology Advice By Zodiac sign

You will have a crazy desire to leave the city so any excuse will be little for you to put your suitcase and more if it is to travel abroad, prepare your passport and enjoy.

Try to sleep as much as you need, it will be the only way to be in top shape.

GEMINI April 2018 Numerology Advice You may feel that life is not worth living; you will feel very restless, tired, lifeless, emotional and moody towards those you know and love.  This is a period in your life when you should be on your own.

You will have a large volume of work. Do not lose your nerves, do not let it, count to ten if you think about it and organize yourself well, everything will be much easier and simpler than it seems.

Your economy is getting better every day, you will not have any problem to make an extra payment that comes to you.

CANCER April 2018 Numerology Advice In some ways you feel that you are undergoing an endurance test as you strive to work towards your goals.

It is easy to forget your strengths under this transit, but patience and endurance pay off in the long run. It is time to look carefully at your priorities and readjust your schedules and goals accordingly.

LEO April 2018 Numerology Advice  Mind moves quickly, but avoid chattering to yourself and not accomplishing anything.

Others may be disagreeable, especially if you don't listen to them, so slow down and listen. Avoid analyzing people.

VIRGO April 2018 Numerology Advice During this transit your intuition is heightened, but your thoughts are confused and irrational.

It is more a time for daydreaming. You are also vulnerable to deceit.  Try different approaches to the problem.

Others of your age group are also experiencing the effects of this transit and may be able to offer mutual support.