2018 AQUARIUS man and TAURUS female Love horoscope zone: Discussions are harmonious.

2018 Aquarius man and Taurus female love horoscope predictions Aquarius and Taurus experienced the instant attraction that comes with meeting someone different.

They are poles apart in the way that they view the world. At first this seemed exciting, enticing and romantic.

As times moves on, and the initial excitement wears off, they are presented with the obstacle of communicating with someone who views the world in a different manner.

Romance and love are central themes of this relationship between the Sun and the planet Neptune.

This can suggest a romantic liaison in which both people are blessed with a sense of being with the right person at the right time, or it can mean a friendship that is based on a joint artistic project or spiritual interest.
2018 AQUARIUS man and TAURUS female Love horoscope zone

Love horoscope 2018 for Aquarius and Taurus female In particular Taurus feels that his light is hidden under bushel.

She struggles to express [his/her/] true self. Perhaps Taurus owes Aquarius a favor that seems never to be full repaid or may Taurus has an inexplicable sense of responsibility for Aquarius.

Taurus and Aquarius enjoy each other's company because they are able to communicate comfortably.

They enjoy discussions and are not concerned about arguments.

Many personal relationships fail simply because two people are unable to communicate both their thoughts and feelings.

2018 Aquarius and Taurus compatibility horoscope Both Aquarius and Taurus discover new worlds through their association.

They enjoy broadening their minds through overseas travel or by learning about different cultures in books and study courses.

Aquarius and Taurus realize early in their association that this is a lasting union. Therefore it is likely that they slowly and surely get to know each other, rather than rushing headlong into a relationship. As a result they eventually form a strong bond.

On the other hand Taurus knows that she is losing her identity in this relationship, and is often floundering to express herself.

Aquarius is also frustrated. He feels overwhelmed by Taurus's powerful personality and is unable to get on with his creative pursuits.