2018 TAURUS & CAPRICORN Love Horoscope Oracle. Harmony 69%.

2018 TAURUS & CAPRICORN Love Compatibility Horoscope Relationships between Cardinal personalities are dynamic and action orientated. Both of you have your own ideas about what can and needs to be done.

As a pair you can achieve a lot together; however, there will be struggles for dominance in the relationship. In this pairing, we have the modern day 'power couple'.

Monetary things are important to you. Your financial status and attitudes towards money change through knowing Capricorn. You may become engaged in joint financial ventures.

You and Capricorn talk a lot about financial and business matters. No doubt, she has many ideas on how you can spend or invest your money; just make sure that you are confident she knows what she's talking about.
2018 TAURUS & CAPRICORN Love Horoscope Oracle

You both also enjoy studying, philosophy and higher knowledge.

Overseas trips can be a highlight in your relationship and you will love investigating different cultures and countries together.

2018 TAURUS male and CAPRICORN female love horoscope Oracle With Taurus you feel you can reveal your most private thoughts and confide in him without being judged or jeopardized.

He is someone who empathizes with you and knows how to pick you up when you feel down.

There are issues of control and domination to contend with; with one of you trying to restrict the freedom of the other.

Should this be allowed to happen it will eventually lead to separation. This outcome is avoidable if you respect each other's goals in life and give yourselves space and freedom to pursue them.

One of you is inclined to emotionally manipulate the other - consciously or unconsciously. There is a risk of power struggles and angry outbursts brought on by feelings of oppression or jealousy. Be prepared for recycling dramas.

You stimulate and encourage each other. As a team, you can achieve a great deal together in your personal and professional lives.