2018 LIFE PATH 8 Lucky Numbers in LOVE and MONEY. Patience is a virtue.

2018 Life Path 8 numerology predictions for lucky numbers in love and money.

You should feel more optimistic, cheerful and generous right now. Harmony with others is easier since you can more readily impart warm emotional feelings. 

You should be able to make some progress with new ideas. If you spend the time to foster friendships during this period, there will be greater than normal benefits arising from your actions. 

Doors could open in your professional and social circles. It is a good time for expanding your professional goals and making the most of any opportunities in this area. 

These could include offers of promotion, study, and travel. Success is within your grasp if you seize the moment.
2018 LIFE PATH 8 Lucky Numbers& Days in LOVE and MONEY

Rebellion can be a major problem, particularly if you feel that something or someone is standing in your way. 

Patience is a virtue which seems so difficult to maintain during this transit, and yet it is the trait which you need to develop.

Emotions can also be numbed during this transit, making you feel somewhat isolated and lonely. 

However, it is better to concern yourself right now with the practicalities of life and work, rather than your emotions. 

You may also enjoy channeling some of your energy into your favorite sporting activities, where you are also assured of success.

Life Path 8 2018 Lucky numbers are:
  • for January 2018:   3   5       
  • for February 2018:  1     19    
  • for March 2018:  2     20  
  • for April 2018:  1      11       
  • for May 2018:   7      30     
  • for June 2018:  8     26 (17)       
  • for July 2018:  2     7    
  • for August 2018:  6    14       
  • for September 2018:  3   21      
  • for October 2018:   5    13
  • for November 2018:  14    20 
  • for December 2018:  9    11

Numbers that are placed within brackets are only important if another number - not within brackets and on the same line - can be reduced to the same single digit.  

For example, if the number between brackets is 26 (which can be reduced to 8 by adding 2+6) is found on the same line with a number 17 or 35 (any of which can be reduced to 7), then the number 8 becomes a more important lucky number.