February 2018 horoscope oracle LIBRA You're going to be a very generous person this month and you're going to be totally committed to others.

You will worry a lot about the welfare of others and try to have a very rich personal life, since personal relationships will be the protagonists in your life.

If you have a partner, these weeks you will not want to separate from it and you will try to make your relationship more and more solid.

Mercury will also be in your sign and make it much easier for you to communicate your feelings clearly.

Save your energy for those who are important to you. Try to improve the lines of communications rather than leap from one argument to another.
February 2018 horoscope oracle forecast Libra to Pisces

February 2018 SCORPIO horoscope forecast You probably have the opportunity this month to find someone with whom there is going to be a great connection and with whom a loving relationship can arise that will last a long time.

After a period of letting go and perhaps seeing a sense of loss, you are now ready to move forward and shine in your life.

Opportunities arise in all areas of life. People from all walks of life are ready to help you achieve your personal and professional ambitions.

Your social contacts are likely to increase. In fact, all forms of communications are busy as you make plans, discuss ideas and network throughout your community of friends, family, and colleagues.

February 2018 horoscope prediction SAGITTARIUS Your partner may not be acting the way you would like to be, or you may be able to find the right person for you. These situations will make you feel with little motivation in the personal field.

However, as the weeks go by, your situation will improve, as you will begin to rely much less on external circumstances and trust yourself more.

You will begin to accept much more to others and this makes you suffer less.

February 2018 horoscope oracle CAPRICORN You are ready to make decisions regarding your love life, although others may not be quite so dependable. Focus on the type of union that you want and you may be happily surprised!

Favours, promotions, ideas, and rewards are likely to come from associations with women.

Therefore you might like to explore making contacts with women during this period by joining women's groups or by working with or for women.

February 2018 horoscope oracle AQUARIUS One danger of this cycle is an ultra-sensitivity to things around you. Because of this sensitivity, you may withdraw from others instead on making a contribution.

At this moment of transition, you may feel as if you have little control or that you’re caught in a power struggle.

You’re likely to find your joy in professional or public avenues. You’re also likely to receive some form of elevation – recognition, a promotion, or the like. Some of you will be discovering your true calling professionally speaking.

February 2018 horoscope oracle PISCES You can improve your financial condition with the help of your knowledge and experience. In the last part of a trimester, friends and colleagues will prove beneficial for you.

Something might happen now, or circumstances are such, that your career (or professional interests in general) expands, and you find more joy and pleasure from your work.

You could enjoy more freedom, or possibly even responsibilities, in your career. Integrity, directness, and honesty will get you everywhere now.