August 2018 horoscope forecast Aries to Virgo.

August 2018 horoscope forecast Aries You like to spend money on travel and education, and for gadgets that make your life easier.

Sometimes you have more than one source of income. Good points: a quick mind for financial opportunity, good bargaining powers, a talent for salesmanship.

Everything is easier on emotional issues, including marriage, in the coming month. Your health shows the benefits of a medicine you have recently taken.

Your words will have more weight than what you can achieve this month. You will have an important influence on other people.

August 2018 horoscope forecast Taurus  A healthy lifestyle and doctor's visit to the first symptoms of illness are essential for good health.
August 2018 horoscope forecast Aries to Virgo.

A close friend will have some financial troubles and appeal to you.

You will be rather doubtful about giving help, but eventually, you find that you have to join them, even if this involves additional financial effort.

Patience and tolerance!

August 2018 horoscope forecast Gemini The triangle of the Mars and Neptune planets gives you optimism and great chances of success in all areas of activity.

Prudence is suggested because you will have to pay attention and energy to the family segment.

At home, a new stage is emerging in the family. It can be about starting large-scale repairs, selling and buying goods.

August 2018 horoscope forecast Cancer Despite some small hindrances or delays, August 2017 is efficient and productive.

The tendency to rush and superficially judge things is accentuated and injurious.

You need to pay attention to the details of the workplace, as controversies with colleagues are possible.

August 2018 horoscope forecast Leo Your life is often marked by sudden and unexpected beginnings.

You have a high-strung personality and an independent way of looking at things. You can be strong-willed about getting your own way.

August 2018 horoscope forecast Virgo  Relationships with family members and household activities are high on the first part of the month. You can make peace with family members on any matter related to goods

Sentimental relationships will begin a new stage, whether you get close and you fall in love with somebody who is barely known or an old relationship is revived.