2018 Numerology oracle ARIES. Life Path 2 reading for love, health and money.

2018 Numerology oracle ARIES. Life Path 2 reading Your growing confidence in solving difficulties and sense of having more control of your own success starts to wane and grow stale.

Time to give up on telling others and get busy finding an attitude that will bring more freshness to you.

Reasons could be a problem, and you both may want to come to blows.  The extra mental energy that you possess now is good for business and professional ambitions, however.

Watch that your impulsive decisions and impatience don't ruin work already done, or cause an accident.

2018 Numerology oracle ARIES. Life Path 2 love Oracle In later relationships you have difficulty letting down your shielding barriers, even though you have a deep desire for intimacy.
2018 Numerology oracle ARIES Life Path 2

If you do get hurt emotionally you rarely let on, and you close the shutters on your feelings so that your loved one has no chance to make amends.

In relationships, you like to be seen as the knight in shining armor who rides to the rescue.

It is hard for you to accept the ideas of women's liberation, so just be yourself.

2018 Numerology oracle ARIES. Life Path 2 health oracle Moderation is the key. Be refined and charming around women. Do not get involved in petty gossip or in competition with the women you know.

Have fun at a social gathering, but remember, don't come on too strong or let  your opinion of yourself swell so as to become overbearing and obnoxious.

Watch your general health, but more particularly if you are older. In certain circumstances, estrangements or separations can occur

2018 Numerology oracle ARIES. Life Path 2 money oracle  You feel like being different, trying something new and unusual. Your desires are strong and you will want to enjoy yourself. Spending is very possible.

People of importance may come into your life now; certainly there will be people around you that favor you.

Also, it is an excellent time for improving your environmental conditions; you could move house or make positive alterations to your existing home.

Take particular care with "sure bets" and "get-rich-quick schemes", because there is a very real danger now that your ability to make financial judgments is seriously impaired