2018 GEMINI & SAGITTARIUS Love Horoscope Oracle. Harmony 72%

2018 GEMINI & SAGITTARIUS Love Compatibility Horoscope This is a relationship full of verve and romance, particularly in the first throes of love.

Sagittarius and Gemini are attracted to each other from the moment that they first meet and continue to experience excitement and joy in each other's company.

Gemini does not want to be overridden by what he perceives as Sagittarius's powerful personality and may have problems showing a long-term commitment. Likewise, Sagittarius believes that Gemini stands in the way of her expressing her true nature.

Sagittarius and Gemini enjoy spontaneity and both tend to be unpredictable when together. Both of them feel that their lives have become more bubbly with the advent of this relationship. Sagittarius is most likely to feel that Gemini brings excitement into her life.
2018 GEMINI & SAGITTARIUS Love Horoscope Oracle

2018 GEMINI female and SAGITTARIUS male love horoscope Oracle Misunderstandings can easily arise.

After the first flush of love, Sagittarius feels that her emotional needs are being neglected, that Gemini does not understand her.

It is even possible that Sagittarius feels that Gemini is being deceptive in some manner.

There is a risk that Gemini does feel the need to hide behind a facade, failing to be his true self.

Maybe Gemini feels that he cannot live up to Sagittarius's expectations.

When Gemini and Sagittarius first meet they each know they have discovered a possible serious relationship, one to which they can commit and build on over a lifetime.

2018 GEMINI & SAGITTARIUS compatibility Oracle Scores

1. Romantic and Erotic Attraction:  101

2. Similarity of Interests and Temperament:  99

3. Mutual Success and High Achievement:  116

4. Problem Solving, Communication, and Mutual Understanding:  100

5. Mutual Kindness, Friendliness, Pleasantness, and Peace: 144

6. Aggressiveness, Competition, Power, Success, or Violence  55

7. Adventurousness, Surprises, Disturbances:  111

8. Shared Creativity, Imagination, and Inspiration:  134

Given above are your compatibility scores in 8 different categories. A score of 100 is average. A score above 100 indicates that the trait is strong, and a score below 100 indicates that the trait is weak.