November 2017 LEO psychic reading forecast: Confused about what you want?

November 2017 LEO horoscope psychic prediction This transit gives your sense of spirituality, and your ideals, into your conscious awareness.

You could also very aware of other people’s emotions at this time, possessing an almost psychic sensitivity to their moods.

In the process of recognizing with others, you may lose sight of your own ego needs during the brief period of time this transit is in effect.

You may find yourself serving to guide someone younger than you in matters of importance. Or, you may perceive how to proceed with plans and decisions in regard to your life situation.

Confused about what you want? Observe yourself as your suppressed desires rise into awareness and express themselves in your actions. And watch, too, when you respond negatively to other people.
November 2017 LEO psychic reading oracle

Those reactions reflect your shadow, the dark side of your personality.

One danger of this month is retreating into yourself, and finding that social situations are far too uncomfortable for you to handle.

November 2017 LEO psychic reading lucky in love You may find yourself indulging in extreme behavior right now.

Issues of control may come up for you at this time, which can provoke conflicts with other people, or just difficulties in accomplishing what you want in this physical world. The true meaning of these events lies in their significance for your inner life.

This will be a month where you have to deal with various issues in the field sentimental. You may have a couple crisis that will force you to rethink most of the things you have established in the love plane.

You are likely to feel that what you really need now is to change your way of loving, as you will realize that the relationship you held so far was not healthy.

Sometimes crises are good to carry out a major recycling of everything that no longer works and in this case, you will be favored in this regard.