2018 OX Predictions For Love and Money - OX Horoscope 2018 Chinese Zodiac Oracle

2018 Earth DOG horoscope zone forecast for OX Astral conjunction gives you the opportunity to expand your circle of knowledge.

Explore new forms of cooperation and collective action and make bold plans with others.

Financially, some unexpected surprises, gains or losses are possible.

Matrimonial relationships flourish through new common experiences, or become critical if there is no respect for each other's freedom.

It suffices to understand how deep your emotions are, how intense your passions are, and how great it is to have someone along with you.

OX years: 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021…

OX Lucky Colors oracle: blue, green, purple
OX Horoscope 2018 Chinese Zodiac Oracle

OX Lucky Numbers oracle: 1, 7

OX Lucky Flowers: tulip, evergreen, peach blossom

Chinese Horoscope 2018 OX LUCKY Forecast You can enter into unexpected combinations, you can initiate interesting, innovative and promising contracts and associations.

Chances of winning are high, provided you do not lose the sense of measure.

You have to act with flexibility and flair, being always ready to take advantage of hidden opportunities behind seemingly unfavorable circumstances.

Get it off your chest, but leave the solutions for later.

Don't work around dangerous machinery for the moment, or do dangerous things.

OX Lucky Colors for 2018: Red, Blue, Purple

OX Lucky Numbers for 2018: 1, 7, 16, 25 and 37

2018 Earth DOG Year Chinese Horoscope forecast for OX: love, luck, money, work, family forecast This is a wonderful time for business expansion, a big trip, or dealings with foreign clients.

Look for a job, or train for a new one now.  Physically, you're at a peak, but don't let your boisterous confidence lead to over-confidence, and accident or strain.

It is a good time for expanding your professional goals and making the most of any opportunities in this area.

These could include offers of career promotion, study, and travel. Success is within your grasp if you seize the moment.

If you have planted good crops in the past then the yield will be rewarding. However, if you have planted on rocky ground, then the crops may fail.

Relationships may be shrouded in confusion and frustration during this transit.

2018 OX Horoscope Predictions in year of Earth DOG Something is compelling you to take risks that you never thought you would. And woe betide anyone who stands in the way of your new-found push for freedom.

A particular project may be challenging right now, or it could be a specific area of your life.

It is time to focus on your destiny, what you can achieve through contributing to humanity rather than your own personal desires.