2018 Numerology oracle TAURUS. Life Path 1 reading for love, health and money.

2018 Numerology oracle TAURUS. Life Path 1 reading Higher energy is also available for friends and for thinking about future plans, although you may need to look more realistically at any limits and restrictions that could apply.

Your mind is not occupied with light and frivolous matters; instead, important issues need to be addressed. Possibly, you will be inclined to pessimism; certainly, if you have an inclination to worry, you will now.

Generally, though, this is a fortunate transit; it can bring you into contact with important people, present you with sudden opportunities and expand your horizons through such things as travel and higher education.

2018 Numerology oracle TAURUS. Life Path 1 love oracle If you have a close relationship with an intimate partner it may be in the process of transformation during this period, which of course can be extremely painful, but extremely rewarding as well in terms of the larger picture of your life's path.
2018 Numerology oracle TAURUS Life Path 1

It is also possible that your artistic expression or your aesthetic values may be in change at this time, as you leave off ways of feeling and expressing yourself that no longer serve you.

2018 Numerology oracle TAURUS. Life Path 1 health oracle You have so much sheer energy at your disposal that you may need to work it off for this brief period of time in some form of physical activity, like sports or weight lifting.

Your physique could be a bit weak this year and your lower defenses because you rest little and you have a high activity rate.

Thus, some diseases of the past in you that you thought would never come back could re-emerge. If you get some type of pathology that you already know, try to take it on the positive side so that you recover as soon as possible.

2018 Numerology oracle TAURUS. Life Path 1 money oracle With respect to your career, you can expect changes to occur here, most likely involving others.

Possibly, there could be personality clashes or disruption through restructuring at work, which could create passing feelings of insecurity in you.

Alternatively, you may be feeling restless and dissatisfied with your career and decide to seek new work.

This year you will feel ambition stirring and a deep desire to better your financial conditions, so it is necessary to be very businesslike, efficient and practical all through the year.