2018 CANCER & ARIES Love Horoscope Oracle. Harmony 62%.

2018 CANCER & ARIES Love Compatibility Horoscope As a Cancer you are sensitive and emotionally vulnerable with a strong tendency to develop dependence in a relationship. This may mean that you become possessive and sulky when thwarted.

Family is a high priority so you are looking for a partner with whom you may establish a safe and cozy haven built around a home and children.

Aries has very different romantic needs in comparison to Cancer. Aries likes a challenge and independence in love, Cancer seeks security and dependence.

He gets excited, Cancer emotional. He may feel that he is clinging, whilst he feels Aries is il loyal. Aries gets exasperated, Cancer suffers. There is plenty of room for learning here.

Aries is impulsive and direct. Cancer, who has the Sun in Cancer is far more sensitive and is easily hurt if Aries is too blunt.
2018 CANCER & ARIES Love Horoscope Oracle

Whilst both are dynamic, Cancer is ruled by the sentiments, is very protective and identifies strongly with the family. The display of independence by Aries can make Cancer feel vulnerable.

2018 CANCER male and ARIES female love horoscope Oracle Aries being with Cancer forces you to define the direction you want to take in life.

In many ways, you feel restricted by him, and you will often feel that he takes a parental role.

However, there is much you can learn from him, especially if you need extra structure in life.

He can help you define goals and tighten things up, but you may find it difficult to live up to his expectations, and you will also feel that he takes things too seriously.

Whilst Cancer is seeking the Aries type...a partner who is independent, inspiring and provocative - with a youthful, perhaps immature attitude to life, Aries is looking for the Cancer type... warm and affectionate, who will make a good parent and create a secure home.

Neither quite fulfills the needs of the other here, so it is important for both to take personal responsibility for these projected needs.