Weekly Horoscope Oracle November 20 -26, 2017: LEO, VIRGO, LIBRA.

Weekly Horoscope Oracle November 20 -26, 2017 LEO You now have the capability to view your life in a new light.

In some cases, if you have suppressed the spiritual side of your nature, you will feel very little.

However, if you are alive spiritually then this can be a great time of insight and contentment as you release earthly attachments in favor of spiritual rewards. It is now that you will feel that you have indeed attained wisdom.

A new romance or friendship may ensue. Artistic efforts are also fruitful. Tension may arise as you feel the need to break out of old restrictions but are disappointed in your attempts.

Weekly Horoscope Oracle November 20 -26, 2017 VIRGO In some cases you may feel that there are obstacles, in the form of responsibilities to other people, which are holding you back.

Either way, it is time to ponder on your life and use this time to free yourself of limitations. You will be thankful for the new-found freedom in the end.

Happiness and a desire to share your good fortune and joy with others is the theme now.

You are feeling generous and expansive, and are prone to give lavish gifts or buy something pleasant for yourself that is costly or extravagant.

A diet or budget is likely to go out the window right now.

Weekly Horoscope Oracle November 20 -26, 2017 LIBRA Sadness and disappointments in your personal life are also probably now.

Inadequacies and flaws in your friends or lovers are particularly bothersome to you now, and you may feel that you have nearly exhausted your patience for dealing with these problems.

It is a time to be quiet and to look dispassionately at how your relationships are going.

Adjustments need to be made so that you can more fully express your true nature. If you resist these changes then it is likely that you will feel a certain amount of emotional pain.