SAGITTARIUS, CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS Weekly Horoscope Oracle October 1 - 7, 2017.

SAGITTARIUS Weekly Horoscope Oracle October 1 - 7, 2017 Some people establish significant personal unions during this transit, while others welcome the assistance of experienced professionals, such as consultants, counselors or advisers. Partnerships formed now are usually successful.

By displaying a confident and positive attitude, you attract the attention of those who can help you advance in life.

If other factors support it, you may receive some form of acknowledgment in your profession, e.g. a promotion or pay rise.

Physically, you're at a peak, but don't let your boisterous confidence lead to over-confidence, and accident or strain.  You're lucky now.

CAPRICORN Weekly Horoscope Oracle October 1 - 7, 2017 You are stopped in your tracks in the outward arc of your go power for these few days, but it is a good time for getting serious about what you are actually trying to accomplish.
SAGITTARIUS, CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS Weekly Horoscope Oracle October 2017

The established arrangements in your life are likely to demand more of your attention than usual for this brief period of time.

If you can be patient regarding a settlement of official or judicial affairs, you will enjoy beneficial results; a great burden will be lifted from your mind.

You will realize contentment in your emotional and love life.

AQUARIUS Weekly Horoscope Oracle October 1 - 7, 2017 New relationships begun under the influence of this transit will likely be quite intense, and will seem to have an ultimate purpose in your life, perhaps of working through some antique issues which have long been buried in your unconscious.

This is a chance for you to get in touch with such deep-rooted issues, which force themselves into your conscious awareness possibly for the very first time.

You have a lot of patience with other people now and nothing is too much for you where others are concerned. Older and mature people are beneficial to you now and you can learn a lot from them.