2018 VIRGO LOVE Horoscope forecast: Your partner is likely to be a very busy person.

2018 LOVE HOROSCOPE ORACLE You are something of an outsider and have great difficulty integrating yourself socially, partly because society does not live up to your ideals and partly because your ideals do not conform to society.

When under the pressure of responsibility you tend to cut contacts with others in a drastic fashion, and this may be a seriously destabilizing factor in any relationship.

Your partner never knows what you are going to do next, and feels completely cast away when you freeze-up and distance yourself ... which you do periodically.

You have a strong identity which often runs counter to the direction you choose for yourself in life, both as far as personal destiny is concerned and in relationship matters.
2018 VIRGO LOVE Horoscope forecast prediction

In other words, you may easily find that your partner's needs conflict with your own basic need for self-expression or personal growth. You must work out a compromise in this area.

VIRGO 2018 love horoscope prediction It's likely that Virgo and Virgo have a lot in common and enjoy sharing their personal life and pastimes.

Romance is at the heart of this relationship. Virgo and Aries delight in spending time together pursuing artistic pleasures, visiting the theatre, art galleries, concert halls and other such outings. Perhaps one of them or both take part in an artistic pursuit.

Virgo and Gemini enjoy spontaneity and both tend to be impulsive when together. Both of them feel that their lives have become more effervescent with the advent of this relationship.

Virgo is most likely to feel that Gemini brings excitement into her life.

2018 VIRGO love astrology forecast There is an element of excitement and adventure when Virgo and Libra get together, but there is also an element of insecurity.

Both Virgo and Libra enjoy the thrill of being in each other's company exploring new territories together, but many relationships start with the thrill and ardor of romance only to have it fade later. This is the problem to be faced by Virgo and Libra.

Virgo and Scorpio feel a strong attraction to each other, but they cannot seem to communicate in a harmonious manner. Joint decisions about relationships are difficult.