2018 SCORPIO LOVE Horoscope forecast: For you, a partnership is also friendship.

2018 LOVE HOROSCOPE ORACLE As a Scorpio you are deep and inscrutable. You are looking for emotional commitment and intensity in a partner and you make no compromises until you have found it.

You need a partner who appreciates your emotional honesty yet can accept your own unfathomable and rather secretive nature.

You cannot tolerate any threat once you have made a commitment - your partner soon learns that flirtatiousness or emotional dishonesty has unacceptable consequences.

The major area for your self-expression is in your mental capacities. You have many skills and the power to communicate them with conviction.

SCORPIO 2018 love horoscope prediction You may well be socially active and dabble in consciousness-raising subjects.
2018 SCORPIO LOVE Horoscope forecast

For you, a partnership is also friendship - you are prepared to love but you are not prepared to be owned or smothered.

You too may make it your goal to promote the success of your partner.

Scorpio respects your family foundations and your ability to define what you want in life, and with him behind you, you can go far.

Career and family matters for you are self-defining factors in Scorpio life.

You have a light-hearted and balanced nature, and you are motivated towards creating harmony in your relationships.

Your superior judgment and fine aesthetic sense are major assets in your love-life.

Though a long-term relationship is important to you, you expect the aura of romance to be there constantly, and are prepared to do something about it if you feel it is missing.

2018 SCORPIO love astrology forecast  You invest a tremendous amount in your relationships but you tend to be transfixed by the fear of loss.

This may make you anxious, jealous or insecure, and you may well put yourself in humiliating situations as a consequence.

A transformation arises in the course of your life in which you learn how much love you have to give instead of concerning yourself with all the love you do not receive.