2018 Numerology oracle ARIES. Life Path 1 reading for love, health and money.

2018 Numerology oracle ARIES. Life Path 1 reading This is a time of tension and dramatic change which may be most apparent in your domestic life, or in your career. Use the time to make much-needed changes.

During this period you will be initiated into the use of power and secrecy in the professional sphere.

Your imagination can be gripped by great hopes, and you have a tendency to attach your hopes to a bubble which expands and expands until it bursts. Inspiration is OK, but make sure that you do not get carried away into a world of dreams.

Whatever the circumstances you may feel a certain anxiety because of circumstances seemingly beyond your control.

Make sure you are on good terms with legal and financial authorities, or at least cover your tracks if you aren't!
2018 Numerology oracle ARIES  Life Path 1 Love reading

People of importance may come into your life now; certainly there will be people around you that favor you.

Also, it is an excellent time for improving your environmental conditions; you could move house or make positive alterations to your existing home.

2018 Numerology oracle ARIES. Life Path 1 love oracle You may begin or end a relationship now, change jobs or location, or head off in a direction that is quite different to anything you've done before.

During this transit, expect occasional periods of emotional excitability, unrest and instability.

However, if you are open to the idea of having new experiences, this can be an exciting, stimulating and progressive period for you.

2018 Numerology oracle ARIES. Life Path 1 health oracle This year you may have some physical imbalances, but not too important.

Surely you will have the continuous feeling that your nose is clogged and that you have discomfort in your ears, so you will surely see something limited in this regard.

Perhaps this kind of discomfort is due to some kind of allergy or simply that you come out poorly sheltered from home at night and you get cold. Be careful with the change of season.

2018 Numerology oracle ARIES. Life Path 1 money oracle Your income is likely to increase, but so too is your tendency to spend money. The trick is to find a workable balance between your in-comings and out-goings. This can be a good time for investing.

This is an excellent period for business matters, negotiations and for starting new projects, providing there aren't other more powerful transits from the stronger planets to contend with also.