2018 LIBRA LOVE Horoscope forecast: You are a very emotional person.

2018 LOVE HOROSCOPE ORACLE As a Libra, you are naturally interested in living your life together with another.

Being in a partnership completes you. You seek harmony and are willing to make considerable compromises for the sake of your loved one - though you are independent enough when it comes down to it.

The major area for your self-expression is in your mental capacities. You have many skills and the power to communicate them with conviction.

You have difficulty harmonizing your need for personal self-expression with your emotional sensitivity.

This tends to lead to a rather erratic family life which lurches from periods of consideration to periods of egocentricity.
2018 LIBRA LOVE Horoscope forecast oracle

You see the role of father and mother as strongly contrasted, which they do not need to be.

LIBRA 2018 love horoscope prediction You are emotionally drawn to cultural and philosophical interests, and the lure of foreign countries and cultures hold a great attraction for you.

You are a very emotional person and this tinges the way you communicate.

You may sway other people with your feelings and influence them with your mood, but in stress situations you blow it, losing coherence because your feelings predominate over everything else.

You are instinctively attracted to intelligent and communicative women, but you will often find them

2018 LIBRA love astrology forecast You are a person who takes relationships seriously, and you are prepared to work hard to make a long-term success of a romance.

In return, you expect maturity in a partner and prefer someone who knows how to get on professionally, as you do.

You are not thrown off course by temporary setbacks, and you know that a good relationship has to be worked at.

Generally, you experience good fortune through partnership. You are attracted to a partner who is endowed with wisdom - a person who knows the ways of the world.

Through a partnership, you can travel and expand your horizons, and indeed you may choose a partner from abroad.

You evoke in your partner the tendency to philosophize and intellectualize, partly because of your hunger to expand your knowledge.

Problems may arise over discussions of matters of principle, and concepts of right and wrong, but generally, your relationship is characterized by tolerance and understanding.