2018 LEO LOVE Horoscope forecast: You will experience a great love energy.

2018 LOVE HOROSCOPE ORACLE As a Leo you need human contact and thrive on the exchange of ideas.

Intellectual contact is far more important to you than emotional pressures or responsibilities of one sort or the other.

Hopefully, your partner shoulders the burdens you are not inclined to carry and appreciates you for your lightness of touch, your humor, and your insight.

If the partner seems flirtatious or self-involved, this may be because you are not giving enough attention.

Family and career are central issues in a relationship, and you will learn that it is no use pursuing ambitions at the expense of emotional closeness.
2018 LEO LOVE Horoscope forecast

LEO 2018 love horoscope prediction This year you will experience a great love energy and you will feel very eager to fall in love.

Venus is going to be in transit for your sign so it will awaken your romanticism and the attention you put in the well-being of others.

You'll have the chance to live a passionate romance in which you'll feel that you have little control over what happens.

Love will come to you in an unexpected way, with a certain impulsiveness and a very spontaneous way of acting.

2018 LEO love astrology forecast In your relationships you appreciate some friendly sparring and love the erotic undertones associated with a minor skirmish.

You are lusty and spontaneous and appreciate a relationship which allows for mutual independence.

In early relationship experiences, you may feel attracted to the dominating or self-aware type of man whose life-direction forces you to make considerable adjustments in your lifestyle.

You may easily find that your partner's needs conflict with your own basic need for self-expression or personal growth.