2018 CANCER LOVE Horoscope forecast: Romantic Love is an ever-present possibility.

2018 LOVE HOROSCOPE ORACLE Cancer, your partner teaches you the importance of opening up emotionally.Perhaps you evoke the peace-maker in a partner because you pay so much time charging in without considering the consequences.

Through a partnership, you may learn how to create balance in your life, whilst pursuing your many dynamic missions.

You express your identity strongly in your home and family. These things are the axis on which your life turns.

The partnership means that old bonds have to fade and new emotional commitments made.

You will often find that friendships and romantic attractions run counter to the demands of long-term relationships.
2018 CANCER LOVE Horoscope Forecast prediction

CANCER 2018 love horoscope prediction This month, one of your priorities will be social relationships and spending much time with both your friends and your partner.

You will want to go out and make plans for leisure, as well as meeting new people from whom you can learn things.

Your friendships will grow and, on more than one occasion, you will see that you are the center of a hangout or a party.

Your open and charismatic character will be highly valued by the people in your environment.

Although you will be very successful, if you have a partner, you will remain totally faithful to her and you will want to make her a participant in your busy social life.

2018 CANCER love astrology forecast You are emotionally vulnerable - but it would kill you to show it.

You make a profound emotional commitment in your partnership and expect total commitment in return.

You are a master at manipulating the emotional environment to minimise threats to your security. Fear of loss makes you exert a subtle emotional control on your partner.