Olivia Jade Attwood Personality Insights. Big Five traits: Agreeableness.

Olivia Jade Attwood, you are a generous personality type. You are bold: you would rather take action immediately than spend time deliberating making a decision.

You are fiery: you have a fiery temper, especially when things do not go your way. And you are imaginative: you have a wild imagination.

Olivia Jade Attwood your choices are driven by a desire for sophistication.

You consider both independence and achieving success to guide a large part of what you do.

You like to set your own goals to decide how to best achieve them. And you seek out opportunities to improve yourself and demonstrate that you are a capable person.

Olivia Jade Attwood Personality (Big Five analysis)
  • Agreeableness - 70%
  • Introversion/Extraversion - 45%
  • Openness - 42%
    Olivia Jade Attwood PersonalityType Big 5 Test
  • Conscientiousness - 34%
  • Emotional range  - 5%

Olivia Jade Attwood Consumer Needs
  • Ideal - 100%
  • Excitement - 98%
  • Liberty - 97%
  • Challenge - 96%
  • Curiosity - 94%

Olivia Jade Attwood Values
  • Stimulation - 99%
  • Achievement - 96%
  • Helping others - 92%
  • Taking pleasure in life - 88%
  • Tradition - 37%
Love Island beauty Olivia Attwood also works as a motorsport grid girl. Olivia Attwood is a roaring hit on social media, with over 35,000 Instagram followers.

She is from Surrey, England. She had an awkward romance with fellow co-star Sam Gowland.