October 2017 VIRGO psychic reading forecast: You will not feel in your best physical shape.

October 2017 VIRGO psychic forecast You have to be aware and careful since the things done on this day will lay the foundation for the days to come.

The work you do, your thoughts during the day will set the platform for the days to come. You will have to pay close attention to the activities of the day.

This month, you must admit that the world is a bit more twisty and people a little more complicated than you thought.

You just have to be realistic and do your best. It is important that you find out what is possible to achieve, both short-term and long-term. You need at least a progress plan.\

In these days you will excel above others because you will not be afraid to show yourself as you are and you can also bring out your full potential.
October 2017 VIRGO psychic reading forecast

If there is any possibility of advancement in your work, you will be the one who will have more options to benefit from this opportunity, since the people will see all your qualities and will trust much more in you.

October 2017 VIRGO psychic reading lucky in love You avoid taking risks at any cost and like to follow things in an orderly fashion.

You also do work for others in your own methodical and diligent manner. You don't like to experiment with different innovative ideas and can't adapt and accept changes suddenly.

People around you seem to be in a bad mood, but do not let them ruin your plans. If you feel that they distract you, leave them at home.

Those driving a car should be careful about the road, an engine shutdown may occur and therefore you should check the car properly before you leave.

You will have a few quiet days in the emotional field. Although lately you understand better with your partner and it seems that the relationship between you is flowing much more, during a few days of the week some conflicts could be revived because of a possible misunderstanding.

Even something that happened between you in the past and that seemed to be already solved could come back to light.