October 2017 LIBRA psychic reading forecast: you will take a relaxed attitude.

October 2017 LIBRA psychic prediction  Use you time to occupy yourself with the things which bring you pleasure and be generous in giving time and attention to those you care for.

You can gain insight in health matters now or expand your understanding by going on courses related to the body and mind.

Your mental energy is in your consciousness and very much part of your self-expression for these few days.

Under the influence of this transit, you will likely appear sharp and witty. You may talk at larger length and more often, especially with friends and siblings.

This is a great time to develop your interests in unique and untraditional subjects, new age matters, and global awareness, especially if you have constructive plans in these fields.
October 2017 LIBRA psychic reading prediction

These days you will have a tendency to exceed you in the meals and in the practice of sports, so do not eat too much or perform physical activities to which you are not accustomed since you could have a risk of rupture of ligaments or muscular injuries.

October 2017 LIBRA psychic reading lucky in love Soft and sensitive and strongly motivated to create a secure nest for yourself and your family, you are nevertheless attracted to a reserved and ambitious type who tends to spend a lot of time away working.

In contrast to your rather emotional and demanding nature, your partner will seem more cool and controlled and will perhaps refuse to be ruffled by your swings of mood.

Through this person, you may learn to take more responsibility for your life and to look after yourself, in situations when you are normally inclined to be too dependent and possessive.

Your vulnerability evokes in your partner an inclination to be strong and self-controlled, and if you learn these qualities for yourself you could take some of the pressure off.

Your relationships with significant female figures in your life, such as with your mother, may also be full of joyful expansiveness, under this monthly influence.

You may also want to take advantage of this period to work on family issues if there are any that need addressing.