2018 TAURUS LOVE Horoscope forecast: make a relationship function smoothly.

2018 LOVE HOROSCOPE ORACLE As a Taurus, you are seeking security and stability both materially and in your love-life.

At heart, you have no desire to put yourself at risk, and therefore you appreciate a partner who you can count on and who appreciates the support you are so good at giving. 

Your capacity for pleasure is considerable, so mutual enjoyment is an important value for you.

You are critical, both of yourself and of others, but you derive great emotional satisfaction from being of service to your partner. 

You are a busy person and tend to create a nervous atmosphere through constant activity. 

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You can really make a relationship function smoothly, but you tend to be practical at the expense of emotional expression.

TAURUS 2018 love horoscope prediction You are super-sensitive in romantic matters. 

Being something of a dreamer you often imagine qualities in your partner which are quite unrealistic and subsequently feel rather let down. 

However you are very giving - often willing to sacrifice yourself for your loved-one. 

You are tended to make your partner unhappy because of all too often you express your feelings of dissatisfaction within the relationship.

You invest much effort into improving your assets, both in terms of your personal talents and materially, reflected in possessing objects of value to which you are strongly attached. 

The economic aspect of relationships is very important to you and you particularly appreciate receiving gifts.

2018 Taurus love astrology forecast You are a very clever and articulate person with a wide range of knowledge and the ability to communicate it. 

A natural teacher and perpetual student, you are a person with a wide range of contacts.

You may easily find that your partner's needs conflict with your own basic need for self-expression or personal growth. You must work out a compromise in this area.

The role of "husband" or "wife" in the conventional sense doesn't appeal to you, and you abhor jealousy and possessiveness since you feel that no person truly "belongs" to another. 

You appreciate a love partner who will allow you plenty of freedom and is not very emotionally demanding.