2018 GEMINI LOVE Horoscope forecast: Your partner finds it difficult to get close to you.

2018 LOVE HOROSCOPE ORACLE Gemini, you see yourself as a nurturing and supportive person and are proud to be part of the family.

In your relationship, you intuitively sense what your partner is feeling and you assert yourself in a very sensitive and considerate manner.

Your self-confidence is not strong, and this makes you shy and inhibited, as far as self-expression in partnerships is concerned.

Your partner finds it difficult to get close to you, and even though you long for praise and approval, when you get it you act as if you do not need it.

Lack of confidence, in yourself, and in the future, puts a damper on your partner's enthusiasm.

GEMINI 2018 love horoscope prediction You have a strong identity which often runs counter to the direction you choose for yourself in life, both as far as personal destiny is concerned and in relationship matters.
2018 Gemini LOVE Horoscope oracle forecast

In other words, you may easily find that your partner's needs conflict with your own basic need for self-expression or personal growth. You must work out a compromise in this area.

You may have difficulty expressing your thoughts and ideas to Scorpio.

It is not because your communication skills are necessarily lacking; it is more likely that you don't quite know how to relate to each other.

Unfortunately, he might not prove to be a hit with one or more of your relatives.

2018 GEMINI love astrology forecast Don't expect a conventional relationship with Aries because it just 'ain't gonna happen'.

He is looking for someone to have different and stimulating experiences with and this is one of the reasons you are attracted to each other. Life with him is exciting and never ever boring.

Communication between you and Sagittarius sign is direct and clear. You tend to think alike and have similar objectives. You share an interest in learning and enjoy being involved in mentally stimulating projects.

As a team, you come across as a dynamic duo that can impress others with your wit and verbal skills.