September 2017 LIBRA to PISCES Horoscope forecast.

September 2017 LIBRA Horoscope forecast. Possibly, you will be inclined to pessimism; certainly, if you have a tendency to worry, you will now.

Try to keep a sense of humor and perspective and don't allow yourself to become gloomy. While your prospects may seem restricted now, this is only a temporary state of affairs.

You care deeply just now and show your concern for anything that has to do with people coming together, with community and communities -- people working together for a common goal.

September 2017 SCORPIO Horoscope forecast. If you already have a stable relationship, the first days of the month will be ideal to formalize or to think about increasing the family.

But from the 21th it would be prudent to leave the affective ground blank. It should appeal to your sanity and self-control to not react energetically.
September 2017 LIBRA to PISCES Horoscope forecast.

September 2017 SAGITTARIUS Horoscope forecast. You will be attentive to everything that happens around you and thanks to this attitude you will know to detect important opportunities for you.

Even so, watch out because you tend to be discreet in your work environment and you could say something that is not convenient at some point of carelessness.

This type of attitude could bring you serious problems, especially with your bosses.

September 2017 CAPRICORN Horoscope forecast. Collaborations go to serious, possibly older people, or to official areas.

Some working relationships can, however, be difficult, and those lacking in substance can become a burden.

Many astral influences will influence your career life. To start the period well and to prepare yourself for the next step is good to adapt.

September 2017 AQUARIUS Horoscope forecast. This transit can be quite unsettling on two fronts: your home-life and professional life. Both of these may have a direct influence on one another.

You may want to make alterations to the house, change residence or even move across country or abroad. Family members could cause you unexpected problems during this transit also.

September 2017 PISCES Horoscope forecast. You have a good tonus this month, and you can even notice an increase in physical strength.

The only thing you have to worry about is the possible accentuation of the tendency towards addictions (tobacco, alcohol, medicines, etc.).