August 2017 VIRGO psychic reading love oracle: Conflicts or power struggles in love.

August 2017 VIRGO psychic reading forecast  You are prone to unrealistic thinking now and will have to guard against exposure to lies or deceptions.

When communicating, you need to be very sure that others understand exactly what you mean, as there is a risk of misunderstandings.

Emotional uncertainty, the urge to escape, and unfamiliar obsessions may afflict you.

You’re easily deluded, so be cautious about falling in love or devoting yourself to a spiritual advisor with an answer for everything. Don’t let others erode your trust in yourself.

A time of feeling weighed down, but think of the compensation for the effort. It would drive you crazy if you couldn't work within the confines of  a  structured environment or in an undefined job description.

Tireless efforts are your cup of tea,  and temporary setbacks in plans will not stop you from succeeding once you put your mind to it.
August 2017 VIRGO psychic reading love oracle

August 2017 VIRGO psychic reading lucky in love At this time there is a strong chance of being drawn to another as if by some kind of hidden force or compulsion, with a very real risk of erotic tension and obsession. Conflicts or power struggles in love are possible.

Steady as she goes is the key to this transit. It is one of those periods when everything seems to take longer than you'd wish.

Expect delays, minor frustrations, and restrictions. You may feel physically tired or grumpy.

The work and service  that you perform for others can leave  you with  a lot  of unanswered questions, but provide positive side effects in the process.

If you provide help for someone else, see it through unemotionally and then  be on  your way.

Expect very little thanks, but know  you have  done something  to help another human being.