The three types of KARMA. Aggression, possessive attachment and ignorance.

Esoteric science teaches that there are three types of karma. Each of them refers to one of the bodies that constitute the personality of the individual.

The karma of aggression.

It is analogous to the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Balance, Capricorn) with Mars and its higher octave, Pluton.

It corresponds to any kind of aggression or violence exerted on another, a misuse of its energy, poor use of material plan, racism, couple and family problems due to lack of respect for another, or to too much authority (tyranny, Intolerance, hardness, cold, etc.).

This type of karma created in previous lives is solved by some attempts, such as: conflicts with another, divorce, association break, accident, family quarrels (conflicts with parents), problems with the law, diseases (head, stomach, Kidneys, bone, etc.), aggression, loss of service, etc.
The three types of KARMA aggression, possessive attachment

Karma of possessive attachment.

It is analogous to the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), Venus and its higher octave, Neptune.

It corresponds to any form of possession of loved ones (parents, children, husband, friends, etc.), animals or material goods (money, house, land, objects, etc.).

It represents all emotional imbalances, unwanted desires and passions: stubbornness, pride, egocentrism, all sentimental problems, or sexuality, power and money.

This kind of karma created in previous existences is solved by some attempts such as: any kind of possession (loss of money, theft, overturning, loss of loved ones - by leaving or by death - separation, widowhood) or By some diseases (neck, heart, kidneys, etc.).

3. Karma of ignorance.

It is analogous to the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), the planet Mercury and Uranus superior octave.

It corresponds to any misuse of knowledge for an egocentric purpose or poor communication (including lies and abuse of trust).

This type of karma generates some attempts, such as: all kinds of errors with unpleasant consequences, exam failures, communication problems, problems in any type of beginning, difficulties in understanding, difficulties in accepting ideas .