Signs that can not control their anger. It's not good to upset them.

When these signs get angry, they can barely control themselves. Their anger goes beyond any limits, and it is with great difficulty to regain their calm.

The zodiac sign under the influence of which we were born governs our entire lives and influences our personality very much.

There are signs that are calmer, do not get angry and forgive very quickly.

Signs that can not control their anger

1. Libra

Even if balanced, the Libra sign feels the need to always be the one who is right.

This may be disturbing to others and may lead to conflicts.

When they quarrel, they tend to pick up the tone and say painful words.

They can not keep their balance in crisis situations, but after the conflict has diminished, they are starting to think coldly about the problem.

Signs that can not control their anger

2. Gemini

Gemini are generally calmer, but when something bothers them, things get a whole new turn.

Thus, whether we are talking about women, or that we are talking about men, those born in this zodiac sign are hard to control their anger.

Even if they get angry right away, and for banal reasons, it's just as fast. They are not haughty, but they know how to impose their point of view when appropriate.

3. Capricorn

Capricorn is the most stubborn sign of the zodiac.

If they want one thing, others have to make it impossible to get it. In most cases, they are very impulsive and tend to exaggerate.

He gets angry very quickly and shed their nerves on others, even if they are not to blame for what happened.