SCORPIO July 2017 horoscope forecast: You'll be more relaxed and open minded.

Monthly astrology SCORPIO, July 1 - July 10, 2017 Harmony with others is easier since you can more readily impart warm emotional feelings.

You should be able to make some progress with new ideas. If you spend the time to foster friendships during this period, there will be greater than normal benefits arising from your actions.

Emotional relationships, in particular, can come under pressure now, and those that are already shaky can break up completely. Possibly, you may move house or relocate to another place at this time.

You will tend to have a fascination with life's mysteries and question marks. There could be financial problems associated with joint ownership.

Compassion and being of assistance to others are often focal points, and you may find that you empathize more with other people, especially those who are close to you.
SCORPIO July 2017 horoscope forecast zone

SCORPIO July 2017 lucky days: 1, 10, 25

SCORPIO July 2017 unlucky days: 2, 5, 30

July 11 - July 20, 2017 SCORPIO monthly horoscope zone There is the potential for emotionally charged power struggles, coupled with issues of emotional control and dominance.

You may be subjected to emotional dramas and upheavals, caused through others or forces outside of your own control.

At this time, put reason before emotion or sentimentality.

You will be very aware of the difference between reality and illusion. You are in the process of inner change and transition.

Forecast SCORPIO monthly horoscope July 21 - July 30, 2017 to avoid being over-righteousness for this will certainly trigger some provocation by other people.

This is a good time to ascertain if your desire for success or material security is in accord with your motives and personal growth.

This is a good time for soothing troubled relationships.  Go out to some amusement, and enjoy yourself.  You will now be able to talk about your feelings.

Don't go to excess, and try to avoid people who are too selfcentered; otherwise, you may take the blame for some of the things they do or say.