Replace chocolate milk with smoothie full of berries, fruits and vegetables.

After a hard workout, the food is not always on top. It may be easier to drink a smoothie than to have a meal. It is important to add body carbohydrates and some proteins. The muscles need to get nourished to rebuild after you have tamed it properly.

For elite athletes, it is of course important for them to train hard again within maybe a day or a few hours, but for recreational athletes can also be wise.

Often waiting for new tasks that require you to do well with energy. It may be that you are going to work after workout or that you are going to cook and be a mother / father for your children.

Few things are fun to do if you feel empty. So work hard and fill in energy to get the most out of your workouts.

Many have heard that it is advisable to drink chocolate milk after exercise, and compared to the recommendations on macro-nutrients after hard workouts, it is a good option.

For many of us, however, it is perhaps even more trickers to get more micro-nutrients into this little meal as we do not use as much energy as one exercising twice a day.

Then it's great to replace chocolate milk with smoothie full of berries, fruits and vegetables to get the recommendation about (at least ) 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day.

Here is the recipe for a beautiful fresh pear smoothie:

You need this: (2-3 servings)

3 ripe pears
250 g frozen raspberries
2 dl skim milk of culture
1 dl cottage cheese
(Add some water if you want for perfect consistency according to your preference)

This is what you do:

Wash and cut the bulbs in boats.

Mix all the ingredients in a blender and drive until you get a smooth and nice amount.

Fill the glasses and enjoy!