LIBRA relocation horoscope 2018. Relocation astrology free report.

LIBRA relocation horoscope 2018. Distance: 100 km - 300 km Life is not a picnic here; you often feel under pressure from others or even from forces within yourself.

Power struggles are possible; especially if others try to push you around, or you try to push them around.

If you are at a transition point in your life this is a good location to hurry the process along. However, the intensity you feel here is hard to sustain for long periods at a time.

Your primary concern here is to establish your power in relation to others. When meeting new people, you'll tend to be a bit guarded and intense. People, in turn, will be a bit wary of you until they get to know you, after which they will regard you as a firm and loyal friend.

LIBRA relocation horoscope 2018. Distance: 400 km - 600 km Status is important to you and you want recognition and the respect of others. 

LIBRA relocation horoscope 2018 forecast

Career-wise, you are best suited to careers that enable you to express your managerial and organisational abilities, or keep you in the limelight.

You are also more inclined to take risks of all sorts here; however guard against making hasty or impulsive decisions and actions. Think before you act because there can be some risk of injury and accidents.

LIBRA relocation horoscope 2018. Distance: 700 km - 1000 km Things can happen here that change your life dramatically. 

You may meet someone who has a profound effect on you, or an external event of some sort can turn your life upside down.

Neptune doubles as the planet of spiritual awareness and illusion. If you are open to the idea of inner guidance you may very well find out something important about yourself.

LIBRA relocation horoscope 2018. Distance more 1000 km At this locality you display a pleasant and friendly personality that other people find attractive and alluring. You also attract pleasant people to you in turn. 

Good manners and sensitivity to the needs of others will go a long way to making your stay here enjoyable. 

In general, there should be a harmonious relationship between your professional life and home life here, with neither encroaching upon the other.

There may be unusual or unexpected events involving your near neighbours.