LEO 2018 Psychic Revelation TAROT cards. Your efforts will be fruitful.

LEO 2018 Psychic Revelation TAROT Even if you feel abandoned, you are not.

Although physically there is no one near you, an invisible being accompanies you and tries to give you security. You're not alone.

A friendly spirit sustains you. This being is of a feminine nature.

You may not see it, but it will help you with the tests you face, and it's on your side right now. This being is rather lonely on the spiritual plane, but feels a deep love for human beings of good will.

Take a particular interest in yourself, and try to avoid obstacles as best you can. His powers are not unlimited, but they are exceptional.

It has the affection of a higher entity, and it grants you hearings about you regularly. This feminine spirit wants you to collaborate with her, since that would allow her to be more effective in her interventions.
2018 LEO Tarot cards revelation

Tarot cards Psychic reading for 2018  Right now try to associate with a person, someone who is among your friends and wants the best. You must listen to it.

Success in your personal life is about to get thanks to your tenacity and your good work. Your efforts will be fruitful in a personal activity to which you are dedicating much time and energy.

Your ideas will be precise, your actions will be well under way and your ambitions will be legitimate.

Your choice will be correct and you will be rewarded for your perseverance.

This is a fortunate transit during which you are able to balance good judgement with a view to break new ground.

2018 LEO Tarot cards revelation Life's hurdles have prompted you to seek answers to meaningful questions, as you are no longer satisfied with your current philosophies and goals.

Emotional pain is pushing you in a more spiritual direction, whether you realise it or not.

You social life is changing. This could mean letting go of a group of friends, a group to which you belonged, or simply a hectic social phase. Perhaps one particularly exciting relationship is coming to an end.

You may talk at greater length and more often, especially with friends and siblings. Use this time wisely, as your mental powers are your focus for this brief period of time, and they are functioning well for you.

You may feel an almost psychic receptivity to other people, such as friends and family during this transit. Since you are so receptive to others you are more forgiving and compassionate with them.