TAURUS Short Horoscope forecast 2018. Jupiter opens new horizons.

Taurus, want to know your future in 2018, in love, work, chances? Follow the guide and discover what your horoscope expects for the coming year.

What's new in 2018 for Taurus zodiac?

Jupiter opens new horizons, and Saturn lends you its rigor to offer a channel of expression mastered in front of Uranus boosted energy.

Result: defined objectives, a wide view and the possibility of giving answers to your desires for change.

By the end of February, 2018 Mars has inspired you with an immense desire to win. This will be the time to start an activity, impose yourself as a leader or meet demanding challenges (until March).

Spring and summer will give you the opportunity to explore new avenues, via your meetings (April and June), or express your creativity through a personal project (July and August).
TAURUS Short Horoscope forecast 2018

The end of the year will highlight new challenges, rivalries that will force you out of your comfort zone and adjust your strategies.


27/1 to 7/3: start, act, impose.

5 to 20/5, 11 to 22/6: communicate, explore.

17/5 to 11/6: negotiate, win a budget.

15/8 to 13/9: promote creativity.

12/11 to 8/12: maneuver in finesse.

If this year promises you new and exhilarating sensations, it also highlights the notion of commitment and stability.

As early as February, Venus will prove to you that love is an eternal beginning.

New desires and exciting seduction games will blaze you up to March, then again in April, May and September where a meeting might well make you want to go further.

Challenges are likely to agitate you around October and November, but should find a way out from December, 2018.

2018 KEY DATES for PRIVATE LIFE forecast

4 to 22/2: conquer, listen to his desires, take the lead.

25/5 to 6/6: open up to the unexpected, meet someone.

14 to 25/7: to have fun, to seduce.

8 to 20/9: to engage, to land.