TAURUS relocation horoscope 2018. Relocation astrology free report.

TAURUS relocation horoscope 2018. Distance: 100 km - 300 km At times, you may lack a clear sense of direction and experience periods of vocational uncertainty and drifting.

The important thing to hold onto is the faith that your reason for being here will become clear. Trust your process and you may gain profound insights into yourself and life as a whole.

However, you need to take care not to abuse your authority, as it is likely to annoy others. If you misuse your power, your past may catch up with you and threaten your reputation.

TAURUS relocation horoscope 2018. Distance: 400 km - 600 km Other people are either attracted to you or repelled by you here.

This is not an easy place to make friends, as people are wary of you and may harbor resentment towards you. You could even come to physical harm at the hands of other people.

TAURUS relocation horoscope 2018. Distance: 700 km - 1000 km You could quite easily fall in love with this place, or find the love of your life.

TAURUS  2018 Relocation astrology free report

You feel a heart connection with the environment and the people. You find it easy to socialise and interact with others. You are tolerant of others' views and respectful of their beliefs.

Consequently, you find acceptance here. You have an appreciation of the indigenous art and music.

TAURUS relocation horoscope 2018. Distance: 1000 km - 2000 km Things can happen here that change your life dramatically. You may meet someone who has a profound effect on you. If you are at a transition point in your life this is a good location to hurry the process along.

Try not to place too great a reliance on financial matters here, particularly arrangements involving others because problems are likely. There can be deception or insecurity surrounding a partner's finances.

TAURUS relocation horoscope 2018. Distance more than 3000 km Women play an important role in your life at this location and you will have many contacts with them.

Emotionally, you can be overly sensitive and changeable or inconsistent.  You may do well in areas related to spirituality, publishing, travel, law or education.

There may be some tensions caused by family and vocational demands impinging upon one another.