Signals of body language: Six signs for love. Food, coffee, relationship?

1. Love begins with a smile
You go with your new acquaintance for some time and want to know if he or she is in love? The language of the body of your potential partner will tell you more.

However, the signals of body language among lovers are not always easy to interpret. One of the clearest signs of sympathy is a smile. When you answer this gesture, you will perceive your acquaintance as an open and cordial person.

2. Watch for signals of body language!
Do you meet in a cozy cafe to get to know each other better and your partner is more than happy to meet you?

However, if he or she intersects his arms in front of his chest, this is evidence of a lack of interest. This is one of the clearest signs that signal aversion. However, if the body of your opponent is open and you are satisfied, great feelings can be in the game.

3. A look says more than a thousand words
Your acquaintance will be happy to look into the eyes, holding eye contact for longer and makes you compliments?

Then you have a big impression! Regular eye contact is a good sign of infatuation. However, you should not immediately miss the missing eye contact. Perhaps your opposite is a shy guy and does not dare to look into your eyes.

4. "Tell me about yourself!"
It is probably the clearest signal of affection. Your opposite would like to know more about you, asks you about your life and does not just tell you about yourself? In return, you should also ask for the interests of others to signal your enthusiasm and affection.

5. Signals of body language: touches
Your date often puts your arm around you or touches your hand? Even if you think these movements are purely random and have nothing to imply, they could be a signal of affection.

Look for subtle touches, because even with this kind of body language you can learn more about the feelings of your friend.

6. Food, coffee, relationship?
After your meeting, your partner did not wait for a full week with the first call and you soon afterwards invited you to a candlelight dinner in a cozy restaurant?

They have good cards! Hardly anyone would invite a person who is not interested in him to dinner or a coffee. Perhaps soon more will come out of her still loose relationship?