Sam Hunt & Hannah Lee Fowler compatibility horoscope. Relationship astrology reading.

Celebrity relationship astrology forecast: Sam Hunt & Hannah Lee Fowler Just three months after announcing their engagement, the couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Sam's hometown of Cedartown, GA.

Nashville bridal designer Olia Zavozina reportedly designed the dresses for Hannah and her bridesmaids and suits for Sam and his groomsmen.

Hannah Lee Fowler has two brothers and three sisters. We learned her father, Scott Fowler, is a pastor in her hometown, and according to the "About Us" section of the Spring Creek Cumberland Presbyterian Church, he has seven children with wife Linda Fowler: Hannah, Joshua, Rebekah, Sarah, Jonathan, Elizabeth and Daniel.

Sam Hunt & Hannah Lee Fowler compatibility horoscope reading: Harmony 65%

Romance and love are central themes of this relationship between the Sun and the planet Neptune.

This can suggest a romantic liaison in which both people are blessed with a sense of being with the right person at the right time, or it can mean a friendship that is based on a joint artistic project or spiritual interest.
Sam Hunt Hannah Lee Fowler love horoscope forecast

Perhaps they enjoy spending time in the natural surroundings of the beach or countryside.

Both Hannah and Sam feel that the other person is contributing positively to their lives. They feel more alive within this union.

Gradually the excitement wears off and they become aware that they have very different philosophies on life.

Whereas once Hannah felt that her life purpose was expanded by the forward moving energy of Sam, now she feels that Sam doesn't know when to stop.

She becomes aware that Sam's values are very different and that this is hindering her ability to express her full potential.

Sam is more likely to take the role of teacher or healer, having a significant effect on Hannah's life choices.

In this role Sam is also challenged to take a long, hard look at himself before imparting his wisdom. The adage "physician heal thyself" could be a theme for Sam.

In return Hannah learns much from Sam's experiences and insights, perhaps even discovering her true-life purpose.

This is true for intimate relationships, and also for student-teacher and patient-healer liaisons.

Compatibility Horoscope Scores for Sam Hunt & Hannah Lee Fowler
  • Romantic and Sexual Attraction: 130
  • Similarity of Interests and Temperament 123
  • Mutual Success and High Achievement:  290
  • Problem Solving, Communication, and Mutual Understanding: 119
  • Mutual Kindness, Friendliness, Pleasantness, and Peace:  175
  • Aggressiveness, Competition, Power, Success, or Violence 20
  • Adventurousness, Surprises, Disturbances:  151
  • Shared Creativity, Imagination, and Inspiration:  120

Given above are your compatibility scores in 8 different categories. A score of 100 is average. A score above 100 indicates that the trait is strong, and a score below 100 indicates that the trait is weak.