Predictions and forecasts Emmanuel Macron vs Marine Le Pen. France elections 2017.

The next president the French will be a man less folkloric and more quiet than the last two.

The next president the French will have experience, will be integral, weighted and responsible. He will have a far less hawkish, interventionist and follow-on policy.

He will be sovereignist and patriotic, even though in the past he was rather pro-European. It will take a firm political and diplomatic to release entrepreneurial energy and innovation.

He will integrate strong traditional values such as the terroir or the family. It will not be perfect, but it seems to me that the rules of the game will be much clearer.

It will take some measure on the work that does not necessarily go in the direction of history, and will encounter many challenges, but its political line will be much clearer less undulating according to opinion polls.
Who will be the next French president Emmanuel Macron vs Marine Le Pen
Astrology Forecast France elections 2017

Predictions and forecast Emmanuel Macron (French 'Kennedy'): The impetuous and ambitious former Minister of Finance has not finished talking about him.

If its youthfulness and casualness can attract a certain electorate in search of renewal, it is far too inconstant and opportunistic to be effective.

If he decided to adventure a mandate in the future, he would cause the same disappointment as for Nicolas Sarkozy or Francois Hollande.

Its coast of popularity is overrated is a pure product of the media world, and finance that claims to dust off the facade to better retain the bottom of the system.

Predictions and forecast Marine Le Pen: will arrive largely at the head of the presidential election in the first round but will be beaten in the 2nd by the candidate of the right.

The youngest Marion Maréchal will assert himself and gain influence within the party especially in the second half of 2017.

Attention to a likely confrontation for leadership between the aunt and the niece in the future