May 2017 Horoscope SAGITTARIUS. Astrology forecast prediction.

Monthly May 2017 horoscope forecast for SAGITTARIUS.  Singles encounter new acquaintances with suspicion. It is still too hard for you to be fully committed to someone. Do not let yourself be pushed! It's okay if you need more time.

Couples bothered by the constant routine. This can be very stressful. It is best to take the whole thing into your own hands and surprise your loved one with exciting activities.

This can be a beneficial transit during which you feel an increased joy in your responsibilities. You now feel that you have the ability to achieve a sensible balance in your life reaping benefits from past hard work and planting seeds for the future.

The sun will have a positive influence on you until May 22th. They are bursting with self-confidence and energy, only seeing the good in everything. However, occasionally it is difficult for you to concentrate on a particular thing.
May 2017 Horoscope Forecast SAGITTARIUS.

May 2017 SAGITTARIUS Astrology prediction  Opportunities to take on creative or spiritual activities may come your way, and you will enjoy stretching your wings.

This transit can offer those times when you feel in tune with yourself and the world.

Now you quickly realize that you can reach more with your head than with your elbows. They convince through original ideas and their work-wills, not with unfair tricks and power games. Working in the team is fun and very fruitful. In terms of finance, it is worthwhile to be safe.

This transit can feature a combination of two effects. It can be a time where you feel that you are beating your head against a brick wall or it can be a time when you have great determination and drive to achieve your goals despite the apparent obstacles.

As a Sagittarius you are sensitive and emotionally vulnerable with a strong tendency to develop dependence in a relationship.

This may mean that you become possessive and sulky when thwarted. Family is a high priority so you are looking for a partner with whom you may establish a safe and cosy haven built around a home and children. You do not want a partner who threatens your emotional security in any way.