LEO relocation horoscope 2018. Relocation astrology free report.

LEO relocation horoscope 2018. Distance: 100 km - 300 km This is a particularly positive influence for business associations.

If you are looking for work, or wanting to sign contracts, to teach, study or simply liaise with business contacts, this is the line to follow.

You will find information of all kinds at your fingertips to help you in your professional life. Networking will play a key role in your success. It is vital that you keep the lines of communication open.

LEO relocation horoscope 2018. Distance: 400 km - 600 km If you are conservative then you will experience these unsettling sensations more strongly than if you are unorthodox.

Nevertheless you are unlikely to feel settled in your marriage or business partnerships, unless they give you plenty of freedom.

Moving along this line is more likely to encourage you to break free of the bonds of marriage and business partnerships.
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LEO relocation horoscope 2018. Distance: 700 km - 1000 km Here you are able to make the right connections to move forward in your chosen profession or to achieve a lifetime ambition.

Job applications and promotions, marketing efforts, business associates, and business meetings should all prove successful under the influence of the Sun on this line.

You have the ability to really shine in the world. You can experience some drawbacks when moving along this line.

LEO relocation horoscope 2018. Distance: 1000 km - 2000 km Love and romance are highlighted along this line. If you are looking to find the right mate then this line may produce results.

This will largely depend on the nature of the planet Venus in your birth chart. However, Venus is generally considered to be favorable and therefore you are likely to meet influential people when travelling to locations along this line.

If you are already married then your bond with your loved one may be strengthened as you discover enjoyable pastimes to share.

LEO relocation horoscope 2018. Distance more than 3000 km You may consider ending your primary relationship, or making a greater commitment. Either way you will tend to give the relationship serious consideration.

Your partner may also re-consider your relationship in a more serious light. Generally speaking you may also be shy and inhibited in your personal relationships, and your social engagements may be restricted to business associates and outings only.