Is a Astrology Partner TEST a suitable tool for singles?

A Horoscope Partner-test is usually made by people who are unsure. In doing so, their own decision is delegated to astrology. 

But one should not make any false hopes. Ultimately, every person is responsible for his or her relationship. It is also not helpful to attribute the failure of a partnership to the supposedly false zodiac.

In a simple partner test, the zodiac sign of the two persons determines whether a relationship can work.

A distinction is usually made between friendship, sexuality and love. The result may be e.g. Be that the Aries and Virgo match very well, while Scorpio and Cancer should better keep distance.

Such a Partner-test horoscope can be dangerous if he seduces a person to make a wrong decision. A horoscope is not able to describe the character of a person. 
Partner TEST horoscope not a suitable tool for singles

From a scientific point of view this is excluded in any case. But also the healthy understanding of human beings is sufficient to avoid being affected by star signs in the choice of a partner.

Everyone is unique and deserves to be treated as an individual.

With a Astrology Partner-test, however, he is sorted into a system that, at most, reflects a character in rough strokes.

The statements are usually held in such a way that they apply to almost all relationships.

When e.g. Is asserted that there is "ups and downs in the partnership", this is just a banal finding that almost all couples can confirm.

A horoscope can be entertaining and at best provide interesting suggestions. But the truth is low or so high that it is already banal again.

When choosing the right partner, intuition and reason should work in unison. TRUST YOUR INTUITION: If after enough time, preferably 2 years of dating, your heart and mind and inner wisdom are able to visualize a long-term loving connection with this individual, you may securely proceed toward a making a solid choice and are likely to be successfully paired.

This is the best way to find the right people for a relationship. As long as you are dealing with people, there are no guarantees in life. This is especially true for partnerships.