CANCER June 2017 Love Horoscope. Cancer & Gemini compatibility astrology.

Cancer relationship horoscope, June 2017 Cancer likes change and is good at getting things off the ground; whereas Gemini resists change and tends to hold onto the known and familiar.

Problems can arise between you if Cancer's initiatives are opposed or Gemini stubbornly refuses to move forward in life. 

Positively, Cancer sign stimulates and stirs Gemini into action and Gemini sign, in turn, has a stabilising influence on Cancer.

Communication is vital to this relationship. Gemini encourages you to speak your mind and you will probably have many heart to heart discussions with each other.

She may tend to initiate or dominate conversations. After all, she likes to be at the centre of attention. 
CANCER June 2017 Love Horoscope Forecast

One of the best ways to keep things stimulating between you is to have the occasional short trip away together.

Single Cancer and single Gemini June 2017 love astrology There is a karmic dimension to your connection. 

It is as if you both have something to learn from each other or something to work out between you. The main test is in your ability to adapt to each other.

Both Cancer and Gemini encourage each other to greater feats of learning or adventure without realising when it is time to call a halt. This can result in irresponsible behaviour. 

You have deep feelings for one another. You understand each other at a spiritual and inner level. 

There is the strong possibility of psychic or telepathic communication between you. However, there can also be a danger of deception or dishonesty between you. 

Guard against the adverse effects that alcohol and drugs can have on your relationship.

You seem to be able to sense each other's needs; you are psychically in tune with one another. There is empathy and compassion between you and from you both towards others. 

You enjoy sharing leisure activities and occasional diversions.