Beauty Horoscope zone June 2017: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo.

Beauty Horoscope zone June 2017: Aries Sun and Neptune favor a more natural look, especially during the day intense colors should be avoided. But on Rouge, something mascara and concealer you should never forgo. In the evening, a red lipstick is very good - the current Venus aspects speak for it.

As Neptune offers you favorable aspects, you benefit from all beauty methods or care products based on water or generally moisture. For you as a landmark, this can be a source of uncomplicated relaxation.

Beauty Horoscope zone June 2017: Taurus Neptune promotes your imagination and offers the best stars for permanent make-up: to model the lips a bit full or to put an eyelid? Also the new technique of microblading is to think, if you want more dense eyebrows, but even none have.

Whether you are at home under the shower or at the bathing lake splashes no matter. Important is the right skin care.
Beauty Horoscope zone June 2017 Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo

Anyone who likes to play in the water unintentionally promotes the drying out of the skin. Shower gels should therefore have a greasy and mild effect. How about products for children? These are usually more tolerated by the skin.

Beauty Horoscope zone June 2017: Gemini Work with Concealer and Highlighter to keep your youthful look. Under the make-up or simply worn under mineral powder, your complexion appears more even and fresher. Also lightly lathering lip creams should be applied under the lipstick.

Now you have a great desire for a new hair color or a nicer haircut. Bright highlights bring light reflexes into your hair or a slight step cut a little more volume. Mars supports you when it comes to new training programs for a tighter body.

Beauty Horoscope zone June 2017: Cancer If you apply a foundation in the morning, do not forget the eyelids. Small shadows and veins are quickly concealed and sometimes only a little kajal and mascara is enough. In the spring, the colors gray and taupe are particularly popular for the eyelid.

With hairstyles in the twenties or thirties you are in the trend. Some stylists propagate the water waves even more wildly and voluminously. For the XXL mane blow the hair after the braiding and dissolving the braids short overhead. These great hairstyles will surely add more momentum to your look.

Beauty Horoscope zone June 2017: Leo They are always good for a surprise: an extralangent eyelid, a glued-on beauty spot or a small diamond piercing on the nose are beauty effects that you like. Also with your colors you like it now extravagant. Venus lets you create brilliant combinations.

Hairstyles should sit fast and look good. The horse tail or even a bob head are therefore your favorites. Even in facial scrubs, you are looking for smoothing sofor effects, because masks lack the time.

Beauty Horoscope zone June 2017: Virgo If the face shines again in the summer, the colors of the make-up may be slightly more intense. A seductive red for plump lips is just right for a sensual Virgo woman. Also in the case of the Rouge, it may be stronger in the morning, but then the eye make-up should be more reserved.

Remember to highlight with a few highlights in your hair accentuating highlights. The sun reflects the color pigments more intensively and makes you look radiant. You should make use of this effect, because this will leave you with an unforgettable first impression.