ARIES sign, Brigitte Macron, a France First Lady fan of Louis Vuitton.

Fashion astrology: Aries style. Chic, modern, monogrammed and made in France: Brigitte Macron sharpens her new style of first lady on the advice of Delphine Arnault.

Since Jackie Kennedy, the fundamentals of the first lady's wardrobe were established on the recommendation of her friend Diana Vreeland, in US the tradition is editor in chief of Vogue whisper her fashion advice to the First Lady ear . In France, Brigitte Macron addressed Delphine Arnault.

The daughter of the luxury tycoon, also deputy general manager of Louis Vuitton, has been busy for some months to refine the image of Mrs. Macron for her public appearances.

Simple, elegant, air time and with just the right amount of audacity, the locker room of the new First Lady celebrates the excellence of French know-how.
Brigitte Macron a France First Lady fan of Louis Vuitton

The 63-year-old former French professor appeared in a blue zipper coat - her fetish color - with a silver officer's collar , Whose chic and modernity were unanimously hailed on social networks.

Just like his art of dress recycling.

It was not the first time that the wife of Emmanuel Macron wore this coat.

He was already on his shoulders on November 16, 2016 for the investiture of her husband and on March 9, 2016 at the Louis Vuitton parade.

On April 23, the evening of the victory of the first round of the presidential election, it is also dressed in a vuitton jacket "gray wool" caviar - available in shop for 2,600 euros - that appeared the new First Lady.

Unlike his wife, the newly-elected president said he was dressed in costumes at Jonas's rue d'Aboukir in Paris and pointed out that Madame's monogrammed toilets were graciously loaned.

Indeed, questioned by the magazine Challenge on these clothes lent graciously to Brigitte Macron, the service VIP of the mark affirms that the wife of the candidate of the movement En marche! Always returned the clothes.

"The loans are noted in a register and systematically rendered," assures the luxury brand.

It is true that Louis Vuitton used to dress personalities, mostly actresses, but there is no doubt that the brand will benefit from the media visibility of the new first lady.