TAURUS 2017 Blood Type Horoscope Zone.

Blood Type O horoscope for TAURUS in 2017, Japanese TORI year If you over-estimate your powers and capabilities you can risk losses or confrontations with authority figures. However, if you strive to make improvements in your own and others' lives, this can be a time of great achievement.

Business and financial investments usually prosper under this transit, and some people actually receive sudden windfalls, but that tends to be the exception rather than the rule.

You may feel vulnerable and anything but powerful during the process, but hang on because you will feel like a new person by the end.

Blood Type A horoscope for TAURUS in 2017, Japanese TORI year You can see that your lifestyle needs to change in order to become more healthy, but somehow your attempts to change are stifled.

It could be that you lack sufficient energy to make the necessary changes, or perhaps you are troubled by a nagging illness.
TAURUS 2017 Blood Type Horoscope Forecast Zone

Opportunities for learning present themselves and you may discover talents that you never knew existed. 

Blood Type B horoscope for TAURUS in 2017, Japanese TORI year You will have strong ambitions at this time, but you need to keep things in perspective; otherwise you could cross swords with people that, for whatever reason, want to keep you in line.

Compulsive behavior and power plays are common with this transit and you have to be very careful who you take on as an opponent.

You are likely to meet new people, who are able to help you achieve your personal goals. It is also likely that you come into contact with new groups of people, particularly spiritual or artistic groups.

Blood Type AB horoscope for ARIES in 2017, Japanese TORI year Not a great time to attempt to get your ideas across to others.

You may find yourself feeling blocked and unable to express yourself, in particularly in a group situation.

Your energy level seems to be falling below that of your expectations. Obstacles seem to be mounting and you don't seem to have the motivation to overcome them. How frustrating