How will the Numbers affect your life in July 2017? Numerology forecast.

July 2017 Number 1 Life Path - New energy, new start

This is a month that will bring with it new beginnings, new people and renewed energy. You can get lots of new ideas, and have more energy to carry out projects that have been lying. Fold up your sleeves and take on the projects that lie ahead. It is time to act, not to ask questions and daydream. Take chances instead of always being on the safe side.

July 2017 Number 2 Life Path - Calm down, be patient.

This month you may start to wonder where all the energy you had last month has gone. You may feel a little burned out and unsure of what kind of direction your life really has taken.

July 2017 Number 3 Life Path - Creative and social period, scattered energies

It becomes a social period filled with much joy and friendship. You will be tempted to be a little extravagant, so it might be wise to let the credit card lying at home. It is time to travel and move. Sales work, play - whatever - communication and creativity are at their peak.
How will the Numbers affect your life in July 2017

July 2017 Number 4 Life Path - Jobs, details and overnight job

This period you will learn a great deal through the obstacles and challenges. The number 4 represents social structures and traditions. You can expect a number of challenges in these areas this month. You will not have time for much else a "job" this month. You should show yourself and everyone involved that you are willing to do what it takes to reach your goals.

July 2017 Number 5 Life Path - Unexpected events, restless period

This month may lead to changes in a number of practical areas of your life because changes have started earlier on the inner planes will now manifest itself.

It can become a dynamic, fast paced but also exciting month. You will feel relief from the burdens you've had, and a growing sense of freedom. You need to be more flexible than you usually are. Flow with and be prepared for a surprise or two.

July 2017 Number 6 Life Path - A challenging period

The number 6 is the number of love, sex, children, family, house and home. You have in front of you a month where there is an increased focus on feeling your life, and If you are single, then increase month's possibilities for new relationship since century qualities will strengthen your magnetism and sex appeal. Otherwise it is a month with a focus on responsibility and obligations. Family and children will be more demanding this month, and you have to give more of yourself to the people you have around you.

July 2017 Number 7 Life Path - The soul needs rest, a philosophical period

This month represents the time for reflection. Career and love life is going in the background, you will be driven by a kind of inner need to better understand their own motives and desires. (The number 7 represents the soul's victory over the world of matter, and this will make itself felt also collective.)

July 2017 Number 8 Life Path - Handling and power, busy period

Business and economics are in focus this month. A very busy month ahead with a ton of work, and it will probably focus on your finances.

You are more authoritarian and direct an otherwise. You will be asked to show what you stand for and who you are. This is a period of trial which is very important for your future growth and development of the material world beyond.

July 2017 Number 9 Life Path - Transitions, a closing period.

9 is the universe of charitable numbers. It is the number of change, transitions, cleansing, completion, endings and transformations. This is a very important month which will be marked by endings. You may feel confused and uncertain about the future.