2018 Cancer & LEO love compatibility reading: You both love easily and without holding back.

2017 - 2018 Cancer born in July and Leo born in August compatibility interpretations horoscope.

Single Cancer and single Leo, your Life Path reading are the most important aspects in your charts, and, as such, their compatibility is very important to the well-being of your relationship.

Cancer you are not very well equipped to deal with criticism and confrontations - you are vulnerable and can hold a grudge.

On the other hand, Leo, as a number three, has an in-born ability to let negative criticisms bounce off without letting them do much damage.

That does not mean that Leo can't be hurt, but simply that Leo does not allow little things to spoil the experience.  And that is exactly where a possible danger exists.
2018 Cancer & LEO love compatibility reading

Cancer & LEO  compatibility zodiac reading for 2017 - 2018  A bit tactless at times, Leo can occasionally put the foot in the mouth, without realizing that this has a negative effect on Cancer.

However, when “little things” grow into big emotional issues in which even Leo is strongly affected, Leo will respond passionately.

Leo, you are witty, possess a gift for gab, and savor the limelight.

Your talent for the expressive arts is so abundant that you may well have felt drawn to becoming an artist while still very young.

Your artistic abilities can only be developed, however, through discipline and commitment to the true development of your talent.

Cancer, you have the soul of an artist. You are extremely sensitive, perceptive, and a bit shy.

These qualities are both your strengths and weaknesses, for while you possess enormous sensitivity to your feelings and those of others, that same sensitivity can cause you to hold back and repress your
considerable talents. Sensitivity and perceptiveness are among your many fine qualities.

As far as Leo is concerned, there will never be room for any kind of authority, Leo is not a subordinate by nature.

For Cancer, the fact that Leo is a social person who can become quite involved with one or more friends can be a source of envy, even jealousy.