2017 - 2018 VIRGO & TAURUS compatibility interpretations zodiac: Harmony 57%.

2017 - 2018 Taurus born in April and Virgo born in September compatibility interpretations horoscope: Harmony 57%, Tension 49%.

Virgo is a busy and hard-working person, with a pronounced ability to find flaws, both in himself and in his partner. Taurus  is more concerned with the big picture, and hates to be hung up with everyday concerns.

Taurus is frank and direct, and responds in kind when criticized. He is looking for an intellectually stimulating relationship with the possibility of travel and excitement.

Taurus is bright, intelligent, communicative - and completely at home in the world of ideas. 

Virgo, is equally at home in the world of ideas, and even more involved in social contact with others. There is a real understanding here - both know how to discuss matters rationally, and are equally at home in the abstract realms of the mind.

Virgo & Taurus compatibility zodiac for 2017 - 2018  Both Taurus and Virgo are ruled by the planet of love and balance - Venus. 
Single Virgo and Taurus 2017 2018 love astrology zone

However as a Taurus Taurus is more sensual and materialistic than Virgo, who, as a Libra, is more dynamic and far more involved with others socially. 

Taurus can provide the stability, whilst Virgo creates a stimulating social environment.

Virgo the contacts between planets in Taurus's chart and your MC/IC axis are weak, which may indicate that there is not a lot of compatibility between your career interests. 

It is also rather unlikely that Taurus can relate so well with your family, so extended visits from mothers and aunts are definitely not to be recommended.

This area is not the most significant area of your relationship: there are hardly any really positive or really negative influences to get you excited.

Taurus, you feel certain in your emotional commitment and are showered with love and devotion in return. In some ways you feel maternal and protective towards Virgo and this emotional warmth can be expressed particularly well if you have children to bring up together. 

You envelop each other and seek refuge within the warmth of your bodies and souls - it's such a well-known feeling. This contact brings benefit through property and financial matters.