Weight loss misconceptions about calories: Salads can be caloric and 0% dairy products contain sugar.

Few misconceptions about calories and weight loss diet. 

A woman's body needs about 2,000 kcal per day, compared with 2,500 for a man.

But the needs also vary according to age, physical activity and metabolism.

Thus, the number of calories to consume each day is not a standard value. Knowing the energy value of a food, however, can better control its weight in terms of personal experience.

So count the calories, why not, but the most important is to eat balanced by having an intake of both fruits and vegetables, starchy foods and meat or fish. Another essential rule for a good nutritional balance: eat regularly, at a fixed time, at the rate of 3 meals a day!

1) Salads can be caloric all depends on what they are made. Everything depends on the ingredients that make up your salad ... So, food type sausages are to be avoided (lardons, chorizo rings ...) because they are rich in lipids, therefore very caloric.
Weight loss misconceptions about calories

Prefer in place of ham or chicken pieces for example.

You can also replace the proteins by starchy foods (bread, pasta, rice ...) in order to be sufficiently satisfied.

Side seasoning, prefer lemon and balsamic vinegar than oil or mayonnaise that make up the caloric addition. Tip to make your vinaigrette: you can dilute your oil in a little water! It will be just as tasty and much less rich.

Finally, make a cross on the prepared salad dressings and on the salad dressings.

2) Light products 0% = 0 calories. The 0% products contain sugars and sweeteners.

Wrong! Some 0% dairy products contain no fat but they contain sugar or sweeteners.

As a result, some 0% products sometimes provide as many calories as non-lightened products! It is therefore necessary to rely on labels by checking that the product is both lighter in sugars and fats.

Another trap: these products have been lightened so we tend to eat more! Weight gain is therefore frequent during a diet favoring 0% food. So prefer fruit instead of yogurts and other light desserts!

3) The pasta are fattening. Pasta is low in calories ... it all depends on the sauce!

Wrong! The pasta contains slow sugars that provide only 90 calories per 100g.

What is caloric is the sauce with which you decorate them! Prefer a homemade tomato sauce rather than a carbonara sauce.

They are also delicious and low-calorie salad or simply with some vegetables and a knob of butter or olive oil.

Finally, the advantage of the pasta dish is that it is satisfying. So you do not risk snacking in the middle of the afternoon!