TAURUS & LEO 2017 - 2018 Love Compatibility Horoscope. Harmony 30%.

TAURUS & LEO 2017 - 2018 Love forecast

Taurus is outgoing and communicative, seeking mental stimulation in love relationships. LEO is more sensitive, emotional and possessive, and shows his love through caring and nurturing behaviour.

Taurus would far rather have a stimulating discussion than be smothered in all the love that LEO wants to give.

Taurus is a very physically aware person, very much given to enjoying the pleasures of sexuality. LEO has a passionate sexuality and plays a very active role in the wooing and seduction process.

He places great emphasis on and is very sensitive about his sexual performance. This can be a passionate erotic combination, though in other matters there can be stubborn disagreement.
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Taurus 2017 - 2018 love horoscope

Heart-warming love! This is a major factor of compatibility between you, as you firstly feel a strong admiration and respect for LEO and secondly feel flattered and secure because of the attention he gives you.

He can be the light of your life and you are willing to freely give him love and devotion.

At the same time you can have fun enjoying all the pleasures life has to offer - from aesthetic pursuits to sensory joys.

This contact has great potential for a warm, loving and fruitful relationship and it is strong enough to guard you against any other negative influences that may arrive.

At the beginning of the relationship you feel like children again, and when you have children it seems like a natural extension of your love of life.

Leo 2017 - 2018 love horoscope

Head meets heart! This is a strong contact for communication though you will often find that Taurus does not share your opinions and values.

He often misinterprets your emotional needs, responding intellectually to your expressions of affection. He may feel that you fail to grasp his ideas.

You are simply interested in a greater intimacy and feel that his rational approach creates distance. Nevertheless you learn a lot from each other and the relationship will function well if you first satisfy your partner's need to understand what makes you tick.

You make a good team for bringing up children.